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Unbeatable Rates

Pricing Plans

Please choose between our ride options. Payment will be requested by PayPal once we recive your sign up form.

Individual Ridez

For non-subscription ride

$35Per Ride
  • +$2 escorting child to/from car
  • +$3 Per mile outside of our radius
  • Based upon availibility with our current schedule
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Individual Ridez

For subscribers

$28Per Ride
  • FREE escorting child to/from car
  • +$3 Per mile outside of our radius
  • guaranteed availibility
  • +$8 Monthly Subscription
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Large Ridez

For larger parties and corporate

CALLfor pricing
  • Available for schools, after-care programs, childcare centers and more.
  • Group discounted rates
  • guaranteed availibility
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Our Riderz

Key Requirements for riding with us:

Riders must be under 18 and comfortable traveling without parental supervision and buckled up legally or in the age appropriate safety seat required. We work with children with disabilities and special abilities and we are full capable of helping when needed, but we do ask that you disclose anything you think we should know to make your child's ride more enjoyable prior to scheduling the ride.

A Parent or Caregiver needs to have a mobile phone that can receive confirmation text messages that the Kid rider has reached their destination.

Every child needs to be registered on our form to ride with us. Click here to register your child. All caregivers should be aware of the ride plans.