Kid Ridez is...

a safe, honest, and reliable driving service for kids on the go.


Over 7 years in business!

Kid Ridez is a safe, honest, and reliable driving service for kids on the go. We help parents with their daily children’s transportation needs such as getting to/from daycare, school, after-school activities, aftercare, tutoring lessons, dance, sports, and any other enrichment programs.

  • Kid ridez is a dependable and affordable kids driving service that's available Monday-Friday from 6:30am to 6:30pm and weekends upon request for children of all ages
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Why Us!

We understand the stress. You are a parent, not a taxi-driver. We are here as a solution to trying to be in two places at once. We also understand the hesitancy of sending your kids off and we understand the trust needs to be there. That's why we take the time to get to know you first. We have apps in place that you can track our drivers so you know when they will arrive to get your kids, where they are at all times with your kids and when your kid arrives to their destination. We have full transparency in pricing, location, and services.

Transparent Pricing

Real-Time Tracking

Background Checks

Drop-off/Pick Up Notification

Easy Payment Methods

Certified trained Drivers

Key Requirements for riding with us:

Riders must be under 18 and comfortable traveling without parental supervision and buckled up legally or in the age appropriate safety seat required. We work with children with disabilities and special abilities and we are full capable of helping when needed, but we do ask that you disclose anything you think we should know to make your child's ride more enjoyable prior to scheduling the ride.

A Parent or Caregiver needs to have a mobile phone that can receive confirmation text messages that the Kid rider has reached their destination.

Every child needs to be registered on our form to ride with us. Click here to register your child. All caregivers should be aware of the ride plans.