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busy life? busy kids? here's how we can help!

We know that you are busy parents with busy children. Here at Kid Ridez, we are eager to help. Our business was started by a mother of six who truly understands the struggle of having to drive your kids around when they all participate in different activities, or go to different schools at different times. That's where we come in. Let us drive your kids where they need to go.

Large groups

We can arrange and provide rides for large group outtings such as field trips, parties, and dances.

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Ridez to school

We have pre-arranged rides to specific local schools to provide rides to children who don't ride the bus. This includes kids who live out of the district's bus-range, kids who can't take the bus for social reasons, etc.

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Individual Rides For Kids

We provide rides individually scheduled. We drive to activities, camps, sports, doctors appointments, etc.

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We partner with Schools!

We are open to partnerships with schools to be your private van-service. Help kids get to and from your school. There are a number of reasons why children can't take the bus. Maybe there are students who live too close or too far for the district to include them in the bus' route. Maybe you are a private school and are looking for a solution for transportation for your students. Maybe your students are overwhelmed by the large bus setting and it’s just too much for them. Maybe you have a handful of students who go to a daycare prior to school. We have many vans available to provide more efficient routes of transportation.

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